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La Falena Restaurant

La Falena Restaurant

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La Falena Restaurant


Restaurant in Marina di Ragusa

La Falena: fish specialities and pizzas

La Falena Restaurant in Marina di Ragusa was born in 1988 in a space left by other managements. From that moment on, there have been many renovation actions, each aiming at making this space better. Now, many years later, the business can rely on young and competent people, who are capable of dealing with new trends and proposals in the field, even if always referring to the typical fish cooking, which is preserved in the best way.
The staff, which has been there for 10 years, keeps its courtesy and availability towards the clients. Finally, the place makes its part: four rooms at disposal, a perfect position, close to many attractions, a broad choice of wines to be tasted while looking at the sea of Sicily.


ristorante la falena

After many renovation interventions, many projects and adaptations, eventually La Falena, restaurant in Marina di Ragusa, acquired its present shape, where the stone is still visible, the furniture is original, the typical Mediterranean cooking is made of very fresh fish and the cellar can satisfy even the most discerning palates. Aiming at being different from all the touristic restaurants, the service and the raw materials are closely monitored. The result is a place remarkable for a tasty cooking, a nice framework, a broad space and a polite and professional staff.


The restaurant aims at offering rooms which are accurately arranged and at being an elegant place, with a cooking ready to be tasted in its fresh and typical flavours, where fish is prepared in many ways. Since the fish is fresh and local, it is often prepared according to the Ragusan recipes. The staff is polite, welcoming and attentive to every request, while the price is very convenient. Thanks to its broad space, the place is perfect for every kind of reception. At the same time, its cosy atmosphere can also be suitable for a romantic dinner, where smells and flavours are mixed together.


Parties and receptions

Event space Marina di Ragusa

Placed in Marina di Ragusa, La Falena restaurant, with two wide air-conditioned inner rooms and two outside rooms, is the best place to celebrate events and special occasions such as baptisms, holy communions, confirmations, marriages, anniversaries, birthdays and private parties, together with corporate dinners and company meetings. La Falena offers a high quality service and the possibility to personalise the menu depending on the event, choosing together with the owners the food, the music and a potential entertainment.