Il Menù

Piatto di portata


Fish startes, first courses in which the home-made pasta is harmonized with the flavour of the fish products, warm and raw second courses. A triumph of snappers, sea urchins, sea bass, ricciola and swordfish.

Piatto di portata


Extensive wine selection, which includes over 200 labels including red, white and rosé, still and sparkling, to accompany any dish.

Typical cooking Marina di Ragusa


Pizza and dishes made by the chef, like mussels soup or Farfalle alla Falena, served in practical thermal bowls, ready to be comfortably tasted at home.

Typical cooking Marina di Ragusa


A wide range of pizzas, both the traditional ones and those which are arranged by our chef in an original mixture of flavours. Rigorously cooked in wood-oven.

Typical cooking in Marina di Ragusa


Typical doesn’t have to mean necessarily ordinary, common and predictable, but all the reverse. Sure about this, the new members of the management of La Falena Restaurant carried out the choice of the raw materials, choosing fresh ingredients and trying to offer a typical cooking in Marina di Ragusa with quality and innovation.

Sicily means history, culture, environment and, above all, because of its geographical structure, sea. In Marina di Ragusa the sea is there, it can be touched and its smell is perceptible in the air. While renovating a space the choice can be that of an innovative cooking, where the ingredients are very precious and are combined in new ways, served in small portions following the theory that satisfying the taste is what matters or alternatively one can opt for a typical cooking, where the ingredients are fresh.

Having the sea at a close distance, “fresh” means mainly fish which is picked up not very far from the coast, without any adding of preservatives because it is directly taken to the kitchen and cooked; as for the first courses it as accompanied by home-made pasta while in the second courses it is served together with other typical products, such as the little tomatoes.

Prepared and arranged in various ways it is then served to the clients depending on the availability,

If in this restaurant typical and fresh are the same, the consequence is that the typical and fresh product is cooked according to the recipes of the area where these ingredients are put on the table every day.
To end up such a meal in a proper way, the best desserts are served, provided that they are typical (even if not exclusive) of this area.
Pizza as well is a specialty of the house. It isn’t part of the typical cooking of Marina di Ragusa, but it is cooked up to the right point in the wood-oven and the garnished with fresh ingredients. It turns out to be fragrant and flavoured, a joy to the olfaction, an award for the taste, both if it is traditional or a creation of the chef.