Wine in Marina di Ragusa


The Restaurant in Marina di Ragusa has a very special cellar. It is not limited to the proposal of a table wine and two more refined bottles: in this restaurant the choice of wine in Marina di Ragusa includes more than 200 tags, coming not only from the surrounding territory but also from the entire peninsula. A very wide range, which is extended from white wine to rosé and red, from still to semi-sparkling and sparkling wine, from the full-bodied one to its opposite. 

Here it is possible to taste Donna Fugata, whose name is strictly derived from the Queen Bianca di Navarra, and the wines of Baglio di Pianetto. A very wide selection, capable of pleasing every demand and every whim whatsoever. 

If there is uncertainty on which one to choose or there is a desire of having more explanations about ageing, taste, roundness, features etc it is possible to ask to the staff. Wearing a smile and acting politely they will help the client in his choice or explain him what he wants to know: all of this is possible thanks to the continuous training and the professional competence of the staff. In fact, 200 labs is a big number, a very wide area in which to choose, but the reason of such a wide offer is that the Restaurant in Marina di Ragusa aimed at being capable of offering a wine suitable to every palate, even the most demanding one. Having a glass of wine in Marina di Ragusa is a pleasure which goes together with the meal: having the chance of choosing it among 200 tags is a privilege.