Fish restaurant Marina di Ragusa

FRESH fish

La Falena restaurant in Marina di Ragusa built its popularity on fish cooking and pizza. The fish is very fresh, picked up beyond the coast, and it is combined by the chef with other fresh ingredients, in various arrangements which are always pleasing. The fish menu of the fish restaurant in Marina di Ragusa begins with the starters, served as crudités or fried food, combining warm and raw ingredients. Then there are the first courses, where fish is accompanied by home-made pasta, such as the typical pasta with sea urchins or tagliatelle with scampi. There are also more original dishes, such as carob ravioli filled with cacio cheese and served with fish sauce. The second courses offer the best part of the fresh catch: roasted sole, snapper, stewed ricciola, mussels soup, swordfish fillet, baked orata are only a part of the proposals which are at disposal. 

At the end of the meal there are the desserts, which are mainly, but non exclusively, the typical ones in the area, such as the cannolo. Obviously it is possible to associate a glass of wine with all of this, coming from the cellars of the restaurant, offering a choice of more than 200 tags.
Moreover, the chef of this fish Restaurant in Marina di Ragusa can cook the fish according to the request of the clients, in order to satisfy their appetite and make them leave satisfied as well.