Take-away pizzeria in Marina di Ragusa


La Falena Restaurant, in order to allow its clients to taste the dishes and the pizzas prepared by the chef and the pizza chef, organized a take-away pizzeria service and a take-away food service in Marina di Ragusa.

As for the dishes, they have to be reserved in advance and the mussels soup or the farfalle alla falena are put in thermal bowls, capable of preserving the heat and the taste of the food until its arrival at home, where they can be tasted alone or together with the loved ones. 

The same service of the Falena restaurant is offered also in the version take-away pizzeria in Marina di Ragusa: so that the clients can have a warm pizza to be eaten on the beach in company or a pizza for a tasty lunch break, with the sound of the sea in the ears and the smell of the pizza in the nose.

A take-away pizzeria which allows, also in Marina di Ragusa, to have a delicious pizza also during the lunch-break from the job. 

And in the cold evenings, when one is too tired to get involved into preparing a meal on one’s own, a pizza can be the best solution.