Pizzeria in Marina di Ragusa


A restaurant, if it is close to the sea, has generally a selection of fresh fish. A Restaurant in a touristic spot such as Marina di Ragusa can’t avoid including in its menu the dish which, together with spaghetti, is renowned all over the world as specifically Italian: the pizza.

La Falena, being an accurate pizzeria in Marina di Ragusa, offers a wide choice of pizzas to satisfy every palate.

This pizzeria wants to propose pizzas cooked in the wood-oven so that they are then marked out with the typical flavour of Sicily. For this reason pizza is offered in many variants, from the traditional ones to those prepared with different ingredients arranged by the pizza chef.
The restaurant wants to put at disposal of the clients pizza in its different varieties, to meet and satisfy everybody’s taste. It aims at serving it in the best way and even when it is take-away it wants that it is served still warm, because a cold pizza, together with a hot beverage, isn’t pleasing for anybody.
The pizzeria in Marina di Ragusa wants to offer a good, flavoured, tasty and warm pizza.