Catering in Ragusa


La Falena, a restaurant in Marina di Ragusa, offers its rooms (two rooms in the outside and two air conditioned ones inside) for parties, receptions, ceremonies or simply occasions which involve a high number of participants. It aims at putting itself at the service of its clients also in these moments, planning the menu, the cooking and the timing of the service. 

In the case that the capacity of the four rooms is not sufficient or there are other reasons for holding the party in a different place, La Falena can offer its service anyway, with the catering service in Ragusa.
The dishes to be offered, their order, the ingredients and the kind of cooking can be arranged with the chef; the proper equipment allows to serve the food at the right temperature so that it can be tasted in the best way.

The staff, having been part of La Falena Restaurant for ten years, is formed and constantly trained; their politeness and experience allow them to intervene with competence and education, accomplishing an impeccable and unique service as the one of offering food and wine.

The catering service is offered in Marina di Ragusa and surroundings. It a service specifically designed for the clients, for staying close to them, to stress and celebrate their moments of happiness, so that they can guarantee to their guests accurately prepared dishes, which are attentively served as the result of years of experience.
The catering service in Ragusa offered by la Falena Restaurant, if previously arranged, can allow a more relaxed passing of one’s time and that of their guests, so that every moment is lived in the best way. The result is that the convivial moments involve all the senses, above all taste and olfaction, for a multisensory experience that offers also the opportunity of avoiding to spend many hours sitting while waiting for the service.