The restaurant

La Falena Restaurant


La Falena, the Restaurant in Marina di Ragusa, is placed very close to many interesting attractions. Marina di Ragusa offers some hints to its past history, when it was a fishermen town, together with a wonderful view on the inland, where the products which are then resold in the wide fruit and vegetable market in Vittoria, the biggest one in Italy, are intensely cultivated. The landscape is made unique also by the touristic Port, recently inaugurated and the sea of Sicily, which Marina di Ragusa is particularly proud of thanks to its FEE blue flag. For the passionate readers, a visit in the town of Commissario Montalbano is absolutely necessary, starting from its views and ending up in his house.

Piatto di portata


La Falena Restaurant was born in 1988 with a change in ownership which marked the beginning of a new business adventure for the two new young owners. Their passion for local traditions made the restaurant a typically Sicilian place. After many years spent in restoring the place, La Falena shows now its new shape, suitable to clients who are demanding concerning tastes and services. The typically Mediterranean cuisine regards as fundamental the freshness and the quality of the ingredients. The politeness and the competence of the staff are specific features of the restaurant.

Event space in Marina di Ragusa.


La Falena restaurant, an event space in Marina di Ragusa, is a place where the most important memories should be set: a marriage, a graduation, a confirmation, a holy communion. Surrounded by the elegance of the place, having at disposal its four rooms, and relying on an impeccable and polite staff, one can feel satisfied with a cuisine based on the Mediterranean sea and its fish, which can be tasted among the stone walls in a place with an original and classy furniture. In such a way, one can be sure that the best moments, those which deserve the right attention, will be opportunely celebrated and that everybody will remember about them. La Falena in Marina di Ragusa is not only an event space and in fact it can be suitable for every kind of occasion: parties among friend and relatives but also simple convivial reunions, with the only purpose of being together, sharing good food and good wine.

In fact, the four rooms, two air-conditioned inner rooms and two outside rooms, are ample: the spaces are easily manageable and suited for children. Moreover, the chance of choosing between inside and outside offers the possibility of considering which one is the best frame for time-lasting memories.

Surrounded by the flavours of cooking, involved in the setting and the rooms, welcomed by a professional and polite staff, tasting a glass of good wine, it is possible to live at best every single moment, enjoying the company, sharing the happiness and the spirit. A party, an event, a meeting: all of these are joyful moments. They have to be stressed and celebrated with the right choices, so that the memories built in such occasions can engage all the senses and last long. For this reason, La Falena presents itself as an event space in Marina di Ragusa.

The cooker, then, can prepare a particular dish on demand, if it is previously arranged. This is a further proof of the interest the owners have for the satisfaction of the clients, so that they can be remembered in the best way.