The attractions in Marina di Ragusa


The attractions in Marina di Ragusa cannot be missed. The town was born as a fishermen village and throughout the years it evolved thanks to the valorization of the tourism, with the opening of many bars and shops on the promenade and finally the rehabilitation of the port. This was already known to Belisarius in the Byzantine age and afterwards it was equipped with a tower by Cabrera in the 17th century. Subsequently, it has been renewed in the 80ies and opened again in 2006: it is remarkable also because it offers the chance of renting a boat for visiting the surrounding coasts.A curious legend, instead, arouse concerning the Cabrera count, who gave its name to the tower of the port. 

According to this story, he had locked up the queen Bianca di Navarra, who was eventually able to escape. This episode inspired the name Donna Fugata (which means fugitive woman), given to the wine and the castle, where the movie “Il Gattopardo” by Visconti has been set and recently also the tv series “Il commissario Montalbano”. The sea, with its SEE Blue Flag shared with Pozzallo in 2009 and then reconfirmed also in 2010 is in itself an important touristic attraction with its infinite shades and crystal water. T

he inland of Marina di Ragusa houses the intensive green-house cultivations of the products which are later sold in the three fruit and vegetable markets in the area (Santa Croce Camerina, Scicli, and Vittoria, the biggest one in Italy). 

Scicli and Santa Croce Camerina are interesting spots easily reachable from Marina di Ragusa. Scicli, gathered up as a village of the nativity scene and it has been cited by Levi for its specificity and was visited also by Gattuso and Pasolini. Santa Croce Camerina, instead, takes its name from the remnants of Kamarina, where Greek graves, three houses and a temple dedicated to Athena have been recovered. Then there are the Grotto of the Trabacche, a Roman catacomb and the reserve at the end of the river a few kilometers away from Marina di Ragusa, which can’t be missed. 

In Marina di Ragusa there are many other interesting places, in particular for Montalbano’s fans, who can discover in the Donnalicata promenade, in the furnace of Pisciotto and in Puntasecca some of the settings of the TV series. The other attractions are to be discovered in the surroundings of Marina di Ragusa.