La Falena Restaurant in Marina di Ragusa


La Falena Restaurant in Marina di Ragusa has evolved throughout the years in a continuous search of important changes. After its birth in 1988 with the new ownership (the old business partners left it and the new owners, Dicara Nunzio and Iemolo Giuseppe, came in) it underwent a process of renovation, a renovation which wasn’t limited only to the rooms, but it also included the cooking and the food. 

In fact, while the building workings were carried out, at the same time the inside also was renovated: the furniture was attentively chosen, aiming at an elegant style being at the same time appealing for everybody and much attention was given to raw materials. A specific feature of the restaurant is the importance given to fresh food, offered daily by the sea: it is fresh, almost just fished, with no need of preservatives and served with home-made pasta. The resellers are accurately chosen, considering which wines should be put in the cellar at thinking about the services which have to be offered and the needs of the clients. 

After a long waiting time, finally La Falena restaurant in Marina di Ragusa opened to the clients, offering quality together with politeness, typical traditions together with a modern approach, new vitality assembled with the constant desire to try, create, experience and above all make.